Real Estate First

Jessica Scalera spent her childhood living out of boxes... Her father is a skilled handyman and a natural-born contractor. Renovating run-down properties was his passion. This experience soon evolved into family projects, with everyone eagerly awaiting the next challenge. Which is how Jessica – living in the heart of Westmount – unknowingly headed towards a future career in real estate...

After devoting her creativity as a designer in men’s clothing, Jessica returned to her roots. “After 7 years, I was ready to reinvent myself. I grew up in the world of real estate and always knew that I would go back. I decided to take the course and try my luck as a broker. Never have I regretted that decision. It’s in my DNA.”

Working with peace of mind

“Customers who work with a broker do so primarily for peace of mind. It’s our job to ensure that. Fortunately, Sutton's exclusive Secur make it easy, which is a big plus for customers because they know they are well protected!”

Jessica Scalera

Why work with a broker?

“Buying or selling a home is often the biggest purchase of one’s life. It’s an emotional experience... As brokers, we have the skills and experience to detach ourselves from the emotional aspects. This neutrality allows us to remain focused on the important details. The work of any good broker is (in part) being able to adapt to anything.”

Why work with Jessica?

“Pleasing my clients is my priority. Simply put, making others happy makes me happy. My customers always praise me for my dedication and human touch. Instead of striving for volume, I care about quality and a job well done. I think this is the main reason for my strong reputation and for the many referrals I receive every month.”

Smiling and energetic, Jessica has a spirited disposition. What could be better than combining work and pleasure? She clearly loves her work and it shows.