Ray Of Sunshine!

It was by complete coincidence that Jess and I met at our gym. I had no idea who she was, nor that we had any commonality. All I knew, was that every time she walked in the gym, she affectionately greeted all her friends with that glowing smile. Some people radiate sunshine and light up a room upon entry. If I had to describe Jess in one sentence, that would be it. Once we were introduced, we realized we shared a passion for real estate, I being a developer and Jess being a broker. We spoke about my latest project M sur la Montagne. She expressed her admiration of the project and that she would certainly keep it in mind if the right fit came along. True to her word, she introduced me to two incredible clients which I immediately took a huge liking to. Contrary to what I see in this industry, in which most are very self-serving, Jess sincerely cares for her clients. She demonstrates a real and heartfelt emphasis on finding the best fit for her clients. Jess was thorough, spoke to me at length about ensuring her client's needs, desires and expectations. We both openly expressed what could and could not be achieved. There were zero surprises. I love her transparency. Her way of negotiating allowed me to feel better about whatever concessions I made. In a matter of one and a half hours, a large transaction was closed with the most honorable clients and the most special broker I have ever met. Her energy, enthusiasm and smile is contagious. Above all, her professionalism is unparalleled. Most importantly, I have made a new friend which I value deeply and as previously stated, a ray of sunshine. Proud of you Jess! Thank you with all my heart.

Carlo Bizzotto (Ville-Marie)
30 novembre 2018


Courtier Immobilier

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